Motorcycles for rent in Bohol - Cebu - Dumaguete
Feel free to call us: +63 917 790 7346

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Our Motorcycles

Yamaha YBR 125 cc
5 Speed Trail Bike

Honda 125 XR

Honda 125 XR
Trail Bike

Yamaha Nouvo Z
Automatic Scooter

Kawasaki Rousser 240 CC

Kawasaki Z 250 CC SL

Kawasaki Ninja 250 CC SL

Why Island Rentals

Welcome to Island Rentals

Rent a motorcycle in Bohol, Cebu and Dumaguete
- dependable, safe and 100 % maintained to our high standard.

We have only the best motorcycles for rent. With a rental motorcycle from Island Rentals you are assured a troublefree unit - we allways use original spare parts for all our motorcycles.

Click above to reserve your motorbike online.
Or call Mike or Jay today for your reservation.

Mike: +63 917 790 7346
Jay: +63 905 305 0560

New! New! New!

Rent Power Bikes at Island Rentals

Kawasaki Ninja 250 SL, Kawasaki Z 250 SL

Kawasaki Rousser 240 cc Customized

Mike on the bike
Rent a Kawasaki Ninja 250 SL Sports Bike - 2015

Island Rentals offers you the ultimate motorcycle experience.

Rent a genuine Ninja Motorcycle and explore Bohol and Panglao Islands the ultimate way.
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Contact us for details if you have the needed driving experience - and the necessary funds!!

Renting one of our Kawasaki Ninja 250 SL ain´t gonna be the smallest post on your holiday budget. But worth every cent!! An amazing driving adventure awaits you on the curved roads of Bohol.
Ninja 250 Coco
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Ninja Life 058
Ninja Life 017

Kawasaki Rousser 240 cc Special Customized Monoshock

Rousser 220
Our Kawasaki Rousser 240 cc Special Edition Customized Street Bike is a bad ass machine!! Monoshock, stronger valve springs, racing caburator and an upgrade from the factory standard 220 cc makes this machine a "road eater"

Rent only this motorcycle if you have the adequate driving experience!!
Contact Mike or Jay today for details about rental of this Kawasaki Rousser 240 cc. Special conditions for long term rentals.

Remember to book well in advance, since the demand for this bike is huge, and it is rarely vacant.

Kawasaki Z 250 SL Ducati Look Street Bike

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Motorcycle ModelFirst 3 daysPer Day exceeding 3 daysPer WeekPer Month
Yamaha YBR 125 Traii Bike2500 PHP700 PHP4500 PHP15000 PHP
Yamaha Nouvo 1152500 PHP700 PHP4500 PHP15000 PHP
Honda XR 125 Trail Bike3500 PHP900 PHP5500 PHP20000 PHP
Kawasaki Rousser 2403500 PHP900 PHP5500 PHP20000 PHP
Kawasaki Z 250 SL6000 PHP1500 PHP10000 PHP35000 PHP
Kawasaki Ninja 250 SL6000 PHP1500 PHP10000 PHP35000 PHP