Legal Stuffs

Sure you can! Foreign licenses are LEGALLY acceptable for ALL drivers staying here up to 90 days of stay.

For longer stay its easy to obtain a Philippines Drivers Licence. You just have to contact the local trafic autorities – called LTO (Land Transportation Office).

For further information – ask Allan

Vehicles in the Philippines drive on the right side of the road : i.e. – Left Hand Steering. Distances and car speeds are in Kilometers and Kilometers Per Hour. Remember that one mile equals about 1.6 km.

Although common traffic rules applies it would be wise to be alert if you have never been acquainted with Asian traffic before. We want you to have a safe ride. Remember that the overall No. 1 traffic rule in many countries is: Might has right!!

That being said traffic outside the main cities on Bohol, Cebu and Negros ain´t that scary at all and the major roads are in pretty good to excellent conditions.

Beware however of driving at night. And watch out for the stray dogs. They don´t know much about traffic rules.

All motorbikes from Island Rentals have the legally required insurance for damage on 3rd person.

The insurance doesn’t cover theft or auto created damages.