Requirements & Insurance

We only have a few requirements when you want to rent a motorcycle at Island Rentals.

We need to see your passport and your valid driving license.

We do not keep your original documents, but take a photo for our records.

We do not require a deposit. But of course you are responsible for any loss or damages to the motorcycle, and we expect you to act accordingly.

Your domestic driving license as well as an International Driving License will be valid in the Philippines for the first 3 month of your stay. If you extend that period, you will have to obtain a local Philippine driving license

All motorcycles and scooters at Island Rentals are legally registered at LTO – Land Transportation Office – and hold a Certificate of Registration (CR) and the Official Reciept (OR) At the rental start you are provided with a copy of these documents which you along with your driving license should bring with you at all times when on the bike.

All motorcycles are covered with a pretty basic third part insurance – any accidents and damage caused by you will be your responsibility. In general – avoid accidents. And if you get involved in situations with material damages caused by you, try to solve the matter amicably on the spot with the counterpart to save timeconsuming processes.