Rent a motorbike in Bohol for the best experience of this wonderful tropical island – The pearl of Visayas!!

We have the best motorcycles for rent in Bohol. If you have safety and reliability as your highest priority, your best choice will always be a rented motorcycle from Island Rentals. Bohol has so much to offer – and the optimal way of enjoying it all would be on a premium motorcycle from Island Rentals

You might find our prices slightly higher than average. But indeed you get, what you pay for.

When renting a motorbike at Island Rentals you are always 100 % sure of driving a fully maintained and safe motorcycle. Should however any technical problem occur, we will fix it for you or if necessary we will switch your motorcycle immediately.

Car rental

We offer

  • Delivery and Pickup available

  • 100 % maintained safe and dependable

  • FULLY automatics or 5 Speed trail bikes

  • Best Service in town
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