Safety Tips when renting a motorcycle in Bohol

At Island Rentals we want you to have a trouble free holliday in Bohol – indeed also when you are on the road with your rental motorcycle or scooter and maybe are new to Asian traffic culture.

A few basic things should be observed. If you comply to them, your vacation will be even more enjoyable.

First of all – wear a helmet. We do of course provide you with approved quality helmets.

Reduce the speed. After all you are here to enjoy the beauty of this wonderful island – not to win the races. South East Asian traffic can be unpredictable, but if you drive slow and defensively, you will reduce the risk of accidents dramatically. The most known traffic rule in the Philippines is still: “Might has right” … and you do not want to prove anything. Beware of overtaking buses, vans and trucks

Beware of the stray dogs – and cows – and goats. Especially the dogs have a strange habit of making the roads their prefered play ground.

Wear proper shoes. Sandals and slippers are not allowed when driving a motorcycle or scooter in Bohol.

Be sure to have the legal motorcycle papers and your valid Drivers License with you at all time. Police road blocks are frequent in Bohol, but if you have your papers straigt it will cause you absolutely no trouble.  You will get a friendly smile from the police officer. Island Rentals of course provide you with a copy of the official registration documents belonging to your rental bike.

Don´t drink and drive. Should be obvious, but unfortunately there are frequent incidents with accident where the driver did not comply to this simple and reasonable advice.

Only 2 passengers at a time. When in Rome … but not in this case. You will see the locals practise driving with the whole extended family on one bike. But this is not to be recommended. The bikes are build for 2 persons – and you want to stay in control.

Check your lights. Your motorcycle from Island Rentals of course comes with carefully checked and working light. But pulps do not live forever.  Therefore – please control the lights frequently during your rental period. The lamps may burn out during the rental. Should that happen, please get it fixed at the nearest workshop. It will only take a few minutes. Present us for the invoice when giving back the bike. Or if you are close to our outlet – come to us, and we will fix it or replace the bike.

Carry a map. Maybe you have GPS on your smartphone. But a map is always useful. Also if you want to explore the smaller gravel roads off the beaten track. But in general – do not fear to get lost in Bohol. You are on an island. If you lost your way – just go straight all the time, and eventually you will hit the coast line … go left or right and eventually you will hit Tagbilaran …. only joking …:-) But ask the locals if you lost orientation – Boholanos are more than willing to help you get back on the track.

Check the gas level. Not cool to get stuck on a mountain road around noon with an empty tank by 32 degrees C. So keep an eye on the gasoline meter. On the other hand – if you run out of gas, chances are that you within a short distance will find a local store selling gas by the liter in Coke bottles. Apart from that you will be surprised how far you can go on a full tank with a rental motorcycle from Island Rentals

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