Visit Baclayon Church in Bohol on a motorcycle for rent

Baclayon Church Bohol

Second oldest stone church

The Baclayon Church, just six kilometers away from Tagbilaran City, Bohol, is the second oldest stone church in the Philippines.

Constructed in 1595 by the Jesuit priests, it houses important relics and images reminiscent of the historic Roman Catholic religion in the country.

Among those displayed in the church museum are: crystal chandelier, silver tabernacle, altar with carvings inlaid with gold, life-size statues and more.

Unfortunately the church was badly hit by the 2013 earthquake, but the reconstruction is ongoing, and the church is indeed still worth a visit!!

How to get there

Just follow the eastbound national highway along the coast out of Tagbilaran, passing the Blood Compact Monument. After 10 min drive you will reach Baclayon Town and you will see the church on your left hand.

Don’t forget to visit the Pier area. Weekend evenings you should enjoy the beach restaurants and the splendid live bands. Food prices are very reasonable and the seafood is Yummy.