Rizal Boulevard Dumaguete


A major attraction of Dumaguete is the Rizal Boulevard facing the water front. The boulevard is having a park like promenade next to it that runs along the coast for about 700-800 meters.

Between the promenade and the Rizal Boulevard you will find a green area with benches and trees. The promenade is being used by locals to hang out, picnics, running, walking and as a place to do some people watching. On the other side of the Rizal Boulevard you will find restaurants, bars and a disco.

This area has especially in weekends a lot of nightlife. Try walk up some of the side streets to meet the local party-goers. On the main Boulevard you are more likely to run into other tourists.

Restaurant Casablanca

After a long day on your motorcycle you´re probably ready for some quality dining.

Our recommendation is Restaurant Casablanca, situated right on Rizal Boulevard. The restaurant is owned by the charismatic Guenther Sanin