Motorcycle or Scooter?

When I want to rent a motorcycle in Bohol – which motorcycle or scooter should I chose?

This is a question we often get from our potential renters, when they plan their vacation in Bohol.

Well, it all depends on your needs – and your skills.

If you want a trouble free and comfortable drive and do not have extended experience with motorcycle driving, we strongly recommend that you pick our Honda Click Automatic Scooter. It could hardly be easier to drive in Bohol than on the Honda Click. The newest model from Honda gives you a totally smooth feeling. Just turn the handle and you are on the road.

You do not need to care about gear shift. The scooter will do the work for you. Always adjusts the engine to the actual situation – even if you go on a tour in the mountains. The powerful engine has more than enough force to transport 2 passengers – also if you are “Western size” …:-)

If you have experience with manual gears – and plan to go of the beaten track – the Honda XR 150 is just the right choice. This wonderful bike has larger wheels than the scooter and the tires are build for BOTH gravel and paved roads. The broad seat is very comfortable for both rider and passenger, and the low gravity point secures full control over the bike – even for the short legged …:-)

Are you into sports bike and more advanced motorcycle driving? Then our Kawasaki Ninja 250 SL will fit you perfectly. Experience the curved mountain roads in Bohol on this Baby Ninja – you will love it. Frankly spoken this is not the bike you should chose if you plan to bring your boy- or girlfriend on a longer ride. The Ninja is an Ego Bike – the small passenger seat is not that comfortable after 100 + km on the road …

If in doubt which bike to pick you are always welcome to contact us at Island Rentals. We are here to advise and guide you. We are all hard core bikers at Island Rentals – and we know every inch and corner of the island if you want hints of where to go, once you have visited the “must see” places in Bohol ….:-)